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Using a college essay writing service is a norm nowadays; the competition for each place in a college is getting fiercer day by day, and they pose ever more stringent requirements for the papers and grades of applicants. As a result, the chances for admission vanish and approximate zero, though all of us definitely want to get one step ahead in education. Cloudless career prospects, funny and enjoyable campus life, an opportunity to get vital theoretical knowledge and important social contacts during studies – these benefits are definitely worth fighting for!

Just give it a thought – all we have described depends on an essay! Obviously, that’s an over-simplification, and your GPA and the overall previous educational record also play a huge role in the committee’s decision about your enrolment. Your SAT scores are also meaningful, since this exam shows the major portion of your academic aptitude at the time of application and defines you in terms of academic performance. However, only an essay can show your personality standing behind the dry scores and figures of tests and GPA. In an admission paper, you have a valuable opportunity to speak from the heart and show your best human sides. Hence, never underestimate the value of this academic assignment – a well-structured, ideally written admission essay is your entrance ticket to college, and there should be no excuses to make it poorly written or composed in haste.

How Is Writing a College Application Essay Different from a Regular Paper?

While at school, you might have already learnt to write various kinds of essays. Such assignments are typical homework for any student starting from secondary school levels. But is an application essay something similar to those tasks? No way! Don’t make mistakes many former schoolers make when composing college essays – craft it in such a way that it becomes your best work ever written. Only in such a way, you can guarantee yourself distinction by the committee and their closer attention to your candidacy.

Here are some features of this essay type you might learn before starting the compose it. This is crucial to maximize your success and to increase your chances for enrolment:

  • Each assignment is written for a specific college. There is no sense using one template and sending it to many institutions by only changing the name. You should be able to show that you know the institution’s history and specifics. Only by showing how you fit this specific educational establishment and how you can benefit its community, you may attract genuine interest of the committee.
  • Present your personality – honestly and humbly. The key to writing an interesting and engaging essay is to be able to present yourself in the best light. There is no need to be too humble – your task is to “sell” yourself as a wonderful asset. However, at the same time, boasting and showing off is also a taboo. Choose the right balance and make the essay an interesting story about your persona.
  • Comply with all college requirements. Writing a fantastic essay but forgetting about formatting and referencing, disregarding the institution’s instructions for word count and submission, etc. is a failing strategy. Combine interesting content with full compliance with requirements, and this will guarantee that the committee will read the work – essays with rough errors and evident deviations from the required word count are not considered at all.
  • Seek out some interesting topics and avoid taboo issues. This strategy is also important for maximizing the chances of your piece of writing to be read and noticed. Some taboo topics include controversial political and religious subjects, as well as making an essay your self-advertisement. It is also recommended to avoid dull topics such as speaking about your favorite travel destination etc. Nobody likes to read boring pieces!

If you follow these recommendations, your chances for composing and submitting the right work definitely grow. But what to do if the task seems to hard and you are not sure about an ability to go through the process and end up with a fabulous essay? Don’t leave the admission to chance – use our professional services to guarantee yourself a flawless essay for admission.

Our Process

When considering to work with us on your application essay’s completion, pay attention to the algorithm through which all orders are processed and all work is conducted in our company. We have spent years to make it easy and understandable for all customers, so you will have to spend only a couple of minutes to place the order and start enjoying professional writing from our experts. Here is what you should do:

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This is the starting step of every order, since we have to find out what you actually need from us. Complete the short form at the site indicating the type of paper you require, its length, complexity level, and the deadline. This is the minimum of information we need to start working. After the order’s registration, you will have a chance to discuss all further order details with your writer.

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Once we get the filled form from you, our managers produce a quote for your essay with regard to all its specifics. Afterwards, if you agree with the quote, feel free to pay for the paper in any method convenient for you – our payment system is highly flexible and accepts all kinds of existing payments instantly and safely.

Communicate with the writer

Congratulations! Your order has been paid, and now you have the writer with which you will pass the journey towards an excellent admission paper. At this point, it is extremely important to keep in constant contact with the writer, to tell him/her the details of your life and experiences so that the college essay looks really individualized, and to track the progress of your essay towards completion.

Review your college application essay

Once the paper is ready, you receive it for review. Take your time to assess the quality and content – we always struggle for delivering the best quality to our clients, so we can introduce any revisions and changes for free if you believe that the paper needs some fine-tuning. After everything is brought to ideal, you can approve the order and close it.

Enjoy Excellent Papers from Our Writing Experts

Choosing a college essay writer to pay among Fire Essay experts is always a wise decision, since with us, you can rest assured that your responsible assignment is in the right hands. On the one hand, you free yourself from the trouble of spending several days composing the essay, and have some free time for other vital activities such as SAT preparation or search for suitable educational establishments. On the other hand, you make sure that all favorable sides of your personality are properly highlighted in the work – nobody likes to write about themselves, since it is hard to find the balance between excessive self-praise and extreme humbleness. We look at your achievements and life experiences objectively as outsiders, thus managing to write about you in the best light. Such an essay will definitely attract the committee’s attention and will make you a desired applicant for any college!