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College or university life is not a bed of roses; obviously, it has many happy moments and benefits, but studies are usually hard and time-consuming. Attendance of lectures and workshops is something you cannot avoid, and this is a natural part of the educational process in any establishment. However, essays, research papers, coursework, lab reports, projects, and other stuff like that is something you have to find time for after your lectures. That’s a real intrusion into your free time and personal life!

We at Fire Essays are fully aware of such troubles and hardships of student life, and for this reason, we have introduced a service making students’ lives easier. Imagine a situation: you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay for the first time in your life. Your friends are waiting for you to come to a grand party, but you have to spend a night composing that assignment… A gloomy perspective, isn’t it? Why then not order an argumentative essay from us?

We Understand You

Spending a half of a day at college or university at the studies, you come home wishing to have a snack and have some rest. Or call your family. Or spend a couple of hours with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Or just have a nap/watch a new issue of your favorite TV series/read a book (underline what is more significant for you). Anyway, there is catastrophically little time for studies – and why should you spend some precious free time for writing an essay, if you have so much interesting to do?

Good news – there is really no sense sacrificing your personal time/time with friends/an opportunity to earn for a living with a part-time job at the expense of your college/university grades. Fire Essay has a number of highly qualified writers who can compose top-level essays for you overnight, on any topic you may desire, including argumentative essays. But let’s first find out what an argumentative essay is and why it may pose such a change for students.

Argumentative Essay Writing: Bits and Bolts

The aim of this essay is to present different sides of some debatable topic and to argue for the adoption of one of the viewpoints. The effort of convincing the audience in a written piece may be achieved in a number of ways:

  • By inducing the reader to agree with the facts
  • To show that you share some values with the audience
  • To accept counter-arguments and present valid, reasonable counter-claims
  • To urge the readers to adopt your way of thinking.

The specifics of this type of writing enables building the case around a specific statement, claim, or premise, and to support it convincingly for the sake of achieving the essay’s persuasive effect. The main requirement for this writing also refers to making a topic truly debatable, which means that the solution should not be obvious. There should be a reasonable number of people agreeing and disagreeing on the topic, so that the logic of your argumentation is not prescriptive, i.e., not telling how the reader should think.

Some ways of arranging the logic of your argumentation include:

  • The law of identity – linking an object of discussion to its features
  • Law of non-contradiction – proving that some object can possess only some of its inherent features, and no other features
  • Law of excluded middle – proving that presence of certain features and validity of certain statements excludes the possibility of a conflicting opinion.

Besides these laws of reasoning, you may apply deductive or inductive logic for the sake of proving your point.

How to Order

As you can see from the description above, composing your properly organized argumentative piece of writing is not as easy as it might seem at first. Too many things have to be taken into account, and too much organizing should be done for the paper to look really fabulous. Therefore, to relieve you from stress and worries about proper composition, we have introduced a professional writing service at Fire Essay specifically for this type of orders! From now on, you may leave your power of argumentation to persuade your friends to go to some party, or to talk your parents into buying you a new car. The rest of work will be done by our specialists – to use the service, you have to follow only a couple of simple steps.

Fill in the order form

Voice your needs to our support team via the completion of a simple ordering form. We have included only the minimum necessary data into it to make your process of ordering quick and unproblematic. All we have to know for a start is the paper’s length, complexity level, and deadline – all the rest may be discussed with your writer. Such information will give us an opportunity to calculate the order’s price and then move further.

Pay for argumentative essay writing

After completion of the order form, you will quickly receive the quote on this order – our managers produce all calculations based on your indicated parameters. Please pay for urgent orders as quickly as you can, as start of work may be allowed for the writer only after the order is paid. Our system of payment acceptance is easy and safe; you can produce payments with any method available to you.

Have a writer selected

Now let’s get to the process of order completion; that’s the gist of what we do for you. To make sure that your order gets into the right hands, you may either select a writer on your own (if you have time for that) or entrust the task of writer’s assignment to us. In any way, we guarantee that your order will be serviced by the best expert in your professional area.

Monitor the order’s progress

The order was placed, paid, and a writer was assigned. What’s next? Now the task is to complete the actual writing in line with your needs and in accordance with your deadlines. At this stage, we encourage customers to communicate with writers and guide them through the writing process – this makes it easier to grasp the writing style and to tailor the essay in a really individual manner. You want the supervisor to believe that it was you wrote the work, right? Then make some contribution to the process – send some previous writing samples to the writer, or give regular feedback on drafts.

Get the finished product

After the work is done, it is delivered to your personal cabinet at the site; your task at this phase is to confirm acceptance of the order, its delivery in due time (ahead of the deadline, without lateness), and the presence of all components that you ordered (the paper’s word count, title page, references, and any other extras).

Review and approve your essay

This final stage of our cooperation is the most responsible; you should conduct a thorough review of the order to check whether you really received what you needed and what you paid money for. If everything is OK – congratulations! Confirm the order and close it – our job is finished. If some changes and adjustments are needed – that’s also not a problem! Send these remarks to us and your writer and we will handle all revisions for free to make sure your paper looks ideal.

Enjoy the Golden Standard of Writing at Fire Essay

As you can see, getting an argumentative essay of excellent quality, written according to all possible academic standards, and in line with your supervisor’s requirements and needs is easy – and you can do this without typing a single word on your own! Fire Essay writers are always ready to give you a helping hand with this type of homework, so don’t hesitate to contact us today with your request and we will start working on your ideal essay right away.