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How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Your Complete Guide

argumentative essay guide

Argumentative essays are some of the most common assignments you will encounter during your journey through college. Your ability to score the best marks in this genre of assignment depends on how best you know how to write an argumentative essay. The reason is that the process of writing is just as important as the assignment you will present before your tutors. Moreover, the nature of an argumentative essay is also rooted in the role process plays in determining the validity of its product. But before looking at the how of writing this paper, we need to define it. Read more

What Is a Science and Technology Essay?

science and technology essay tips and writing prompts

Technology and science are inseparably correlated, especially when it comes to the development of the humankind. We can’t imagine our lives without smartphones, computers, domestic appliances, automatic vehicles and other fruits of technological progress. If there were no vaccines and first-class medical equipment, we would still have world medicine at the level of the Middle Ages. It is clear that technological and scientific development has given us many remarkable discoveries and helpful inventions. Despite the advantages of the advancement in science and technology prevail its drawbacks, it’s hard to believe there is no negative influence on our existence – mainly, health. Read more

Philosophy Essay Writing Guide

Philosophy Essay ultimate guide

Nowadays higher education is considered as a treasure, it actually means that it is not so easy to get it, especially in prestigious universities. Student life is very substantial due to a great number of written assignments to compose. Even simple essays have many kinds devoted to different aspects of academic writing. In addition, one may also classify essays according to the topic of the work as a philosophy essay, for example. Read more

The Power of Music Essay: Top-Notch Tips

essay about music, writing guide

Although students are talented young people, many of them have different troubles with academic writing. It is rather a typical situation. Some people don’t know how to start a paper, others have difficulties with flow and a structure, and don’t know how to cope with it. In addition, the topics for written discourse can be very different. For example, students may compose assignments about feelings like love, some abstract phenomena, etc. A music essay is considered one of the most difficult because music is a very controversial issue to discuss since different people have different attitudes towards music and prefer different genres of it. Tastes differ, as it is. Read more

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