Scholarship Essay Mistakes to Avoid Ultimately

scholarship essay mistakes in writing article

With the cost of learning shooting through the roof, many students are facing challenges footing their academic bills. For some of them, getting a part-time job or securing an education loan from the government is the best option for them. However, the much the state can offer is not sufficient to fund the education of bright students who are struggling with financial challenges. With many students being locked out, scholarships remain a viable alternative that can help you secure funding to advance your education. Most of the scholarship competitions are having an essay writing as a stage of getting the scholarship. In this case a student “must” to succeed with the essay. We have prepared for you the most common scholarship essay mistakes that prevent you from succeeding.

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Mistakes to Avoid when Writing an MBA Essay

MBA essay writing guide

Writing an MBA essay is one of the best chances you have to sell your resume and secure a place in your dream school of business. The essay should harmoniously and comprehensively wrap up all the pieces of your application to the school of business and paint a positive picture of your achievements, identity, and contribution to the school after your successful admission at the institution. Read more

Blunders to Avoid in Your Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay Guide

Writing a compare and contrast essay is an interesting assignment that exposes you to opportunities to use and widen your analytical skills. It lets you look at objects that may look similar from the outside or in essence and point out significant differences that are not too obvious to the natural eye. In addition, such an essay allows you to spot significant similarities between objects or persons that may look like an opposite of each other. Read more

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