What Is a Science and Technology Essay?

Technology and science are inseparably correlated, especially when it comes to the development of the humankind. We can’t imagine our lives without smartphones, computers, domestic appliances, automatic vehicles and other fruits of technological progress. If there were no vaccines and first-class medical equipment, we would still have world medicine at the level of the Middle Ages. It is clear that technological and scientific development has given us many remarkable discoveries and helpful inventions. Despite the advantages of the advancement in science and technology prevail its drawbacks, it’s hard to believe there is no negative influence on our existence – mainly, health.

Completing a huge amount of academic written assignments regarded as the most painful topic for students, because this kind of work requires tremendous effort, a lot of time and remarkable writing skills. Composing, for instance, an essay is a challenging task to do for students and adults as well.

Technology essay, as well as an essay on science,  considered the most interesting yet controversial issues for the written discourse. Such essays differ greatly from other kinds of essays, since both technology and science operate with statistics, formulas and actual facts, in general. To write a great scientific essay you should make a detailed research, adhere to the real data and provide information in the most legitimate way.

Science and Technology Essay Topics

Before starting your essay writing on science and technology, you must decide on the topic you will explore. These types of essay offer a great variety of issues that can be covered. Of course, it is always better to write about something that you are well versed in. If you have any knowledge in the field of computing, it would be much easier for you to write information technology essay, for example. You may also write about science as a whole, its history and findings, but a more specialized topic will turn your work into a valuable paper.

Subject Fields for Science and Technology Essay

These thematic areas might be the most suitable for writing such essays.

  • Information Technology;
  • Information Security;
  • Data Storage;
  • Internet;
  • Computing Science;
  • Computer Hardware and Software;
  • Engineering;
  • Energy Industry;
  • Construction;
  • Production of Goods;

Certainly, technology and science evolution have touched different areas of human life. Besides numerous types of equipment and gadgets, the important revelations have been made in the fields of space science and nuclear physics. Taking that into account, you can create a decent technological innovation essay or effortlessly write a science in daily life essay.

Examples of Technology and Science Essay Topics

Scientific and technical progress remarkably improved not only people’s lives but human activity generally. So, let’s not forget about the impact that it may have on the society and, what’s even more crucial, the environment.

With the development of computer technologies and devices for communication, human-to-human contact almost paled into insignificance. Modern widgets have an incredible number of useful functions – you can not just communicate, but translate information, record songs and videos, watch TV, write music and create various social media accounts. Due to such impressive abundance of helpful features, it may seem that profession of an interpreter, videographer and musician in the near future can be fully automated. Take a note of this when you will be creating an impact of science and technology on human life essay.

Advancement of science and technology affected countries development in a way that is both positive and negative. While the positive outcomes are evident – simplification and betterment of citizens’ lives – the negative results are visible as well. That way, business expansion often leads to the construction of new plants, which functioning, in turn, pollute the environment badly. Another example is farmers using pesticides (scientific discovery!) in order to get a bigger harvest, and therefore a bigger profit. These issues you may also cover in your written discourse.

Other topics for technology and science essay might be as following:

  • The impact of science and technology on society.
  • Does the Internet bring us closer or separate us?
  • Can machines replace humans on the labor market?
  • Are we too dependent on the technology?
  • The connection between technical and scientific evolution and the deterioration of the environmental situation in the world.
  • A rapid development of information technology: for better or for worse?
  • Will the online media entirely replace the printed sources?
  • People choose through-screen communication over the eye-to-eye contact.
  • Is it that necessary to use technological improvements in the agricultural sector?
  • Science and technology as powerful tools for space exploration.
  • Were our lives better before modernized technologies?
  • Benefits and disadvantages of the application of nuclear power.
  • Are you seriously reliant on mass media and television?
  • Implications of technological development for the worldwide economy.
  • How the technical enhancement changes education and teaching.
  • Should the scientists expand the areas where genetic modification is applied?
  • Role of science and technology in your own life.

Writing a Science and Technology Essay: Where to Start?

Every academic writing assignment requires good preparation, and such essay is not an exclusion. For the sake of composing an outstanding science technology essay, you have to strictly adhere to the plan on writing that type of essay. It usually includes next steps:


The first thing you must do when starting to work on your essay is to make sure that you completely understand the chosen (by your professor or by yourself) topic and the question that needs to be examined. To do so you have to learn some basic information and key points of what you are going to talk about. Otherwise, your ignorance and incompetence regarding the topic will be immediately noticeable.

Besides that, planning is the exact stage for you to calculate how much time and efforts you will need to finish your technology and science essay. Remember, that big volume of text demands more time to think through and, in this case, the planning point becomes even more critical for your science and technology essay. Developing a thorough strategy on how to organize your work will be of a great use.

Doing research

Another substantial step in composing such a written assignment is to do a proper analysis of the information on which your work will be based. Both libraries with tons of publications on technology and science and the internet with its unlimited flows of information will be suitable for this purpose. It’s useful to remember that most serious scientific organizations have their own websites – exceptional sources of data. You should not use such universal sites as http://wikipedia.com/ and http://www.answers.com/, as they are not held as reliable resources for science and technology essay in English.

As soon as you gathered needful information and read it through, ensure that you comprehend it well. Once again, it’s impossible to create a well written work if you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Make sure you have collected sufficient amount of material to fully develop a theme of your essay and to support your point of view.

Creating an outline

If you experience any issues with staying focused and gathering your thoughts, the outline will definitely come in handy. Consider it an instruction or a roadmap for written tasks. It may be particularized or not, as you prefer. The outline must cover all necessary topics of your science technology essay in appropriate way and assist you in finding answers to the questions raised.


After summarizing all the facts learned on any distinct topic – technology and society essay, let’s say – it is time to begin the actual composing of a text. One should remember the approximate structure of every research essay:

  • Introduction;
  • Posing a question;
  • Main body;
  • Discussion, giving answers;
  • Conclusion (often with your own viewpoint).

Yet again, if the chosen topic has rather wide meaning, you may deviate from the discussed question itself. Do your best to stay on the course of the assignment, because a scientific essay requires precision.

Making a conclusion

This part has to sum up everything that you have examined in your text. This way you will shortly remind readers what you have covered in your essay. You can also end the assignment with your personal comments, if applicable.


It is an undeniably essential step in any writing process. Reviewing your own text will help you to notice potential errors and typos. Grammatical mistakes are also probable since almost none of the students can boast of top-quality writing skills. In this case, you use online checkers like Grammarly, Onlinecorrection, etc. Then you must re-read your whole essay on technology and science couple times mainly for any spelling and punctuation mistakes. Proofreading saves lives (and good grades)!

Useful Tips on Writing a Science and Technology Essay

When accomplishing an essay writing on science and technology, you ought to take into consideration following helpful tips:

  • Essay on science and technology implies the use of specific words like scientific terms and technical terminology you should fully understand.
  • Get rid of slang and extra words, they would overload and spoil the text.
  • If you chose quite a controversial topic, it’s better to reveal all the pros and cons of it.
  • You may also enrich your writing with correct references and quotations from some renowned scientific researchers and tech gurus.
  • Each fact, example, reference, proof, and detail must be exact and accurate.
  • Avoid using too long sentences – they might appear not easily readable.

There is no doubt that creating a written assignment is a laborious task to do. This is especially relevant for science and technology essay – one of the most demandable and hard to carry out tasks. If don’t have much time or simply don’t feel competent enough to complete such writing, put your mind at ease. Our professional authors will compose any written works for you at an affordable price and in a short period of time!