Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement Essay

When your personal statement essay assignment requires you to write strong arguments, stating your points is the only way to navigate your way through the writing process. By stating the points, you enable your readers to get to the gist of your discussion since your opinion is the only channel through which you can discuss your topic in a full grade. Additionally, stating your essay points allows you to defend your thesis statement. But achieving all these results requires you to know how best to present your points to the reader. The remaining sections of this post will show you how to present your points in a more impactful manner.

Be systematic in personal statement essay writing

If you want your points to be succinct, it is needed to learn how to present them systematically. The reason is that an essay is a highly logical assignment that requires brain power to navigate through so that a reader can understand it better. Therefore, you need to present them in systematic manner that will enable your readers to move from one step to another so that they don’t lose track of your essay. In addition, a systematic presentation will enable your readers to have an easy time understanding your paper.

Be persuasive and assertive

Assertiveness and persuasion are twin pillars that will enable your points come out impactfully and clearly. Being persuasive is critical in your presentation because every essay has a debatable position you need to defend. The existence of debate makes it necessary to defend your thesis, and hence, your points need to persuade your readers to see the merit of your thesis statement. Don’t try to apologize for making any point as long as it is true since doing so will erode the authority of what you are getting your reader to see and believe. In addition, you should use words that show conviction while avoiding statements and phrases that can make your paper appear to be another inspired guesswork.

Be descriptive

Depending on the nature of the essay you are writing, it is necessary to describe your points so that your readers can understand them better. For example, writing a narrative essay requires a lot of description so that you can make your readers feel a part of the drama. To make your points more descriptive, use several methods such as symbolic language, emotional appeal, and sensual appeal. This way, the reader can learn more without using many words since they get mental picture of what you are presenting to them.

Be polite and respectful

Politeness and respect are keys to enabling you succeed in your presentation. This consideration is important especially when you are dealing with a highly argumentative essay that requires a debunking of opposing views. In such a case, it is beneficial to strike a balance between being assertive and polite so that you can maintain respect for other people despite their dissenting opinions. By embracing this approach, you will be in a better position to sell your ideas to your readers in a manner that will guarantee more influence. This essay writing practice will ensure that your persuasive attempts do not degenerate into a combative duel that will turn off your readers since they do not swear allegiance to your opinions.

Be honest in a personal statement essay

Honesty is a pillar in all intellectual engagements. No matter how bright you think you are, always make sure that all your points are honest so that you do not fall into an abyss of intellectual dishonesty. Therefore, make sure that all your points and arguments are factual and from reliable sources so that you do not win the trust of your readers through the back door. Additionally, you should see to it that you do not distort or misrepresent evidence to get your readers on your side.

Embrace clarity

Lastly, you need to embrace clarity in all your points. When stating a point, you should use appropriate words that will best bring out the meaning of what you want to say. Additionally, you need to use just enough words so that your points are not swallowed by excessive phrasings or obscured by scanty expressions.

Stating your points in a personal statement essay is the only way to express yourself, help your readers to understand your work, and defend your thesis statement. By embracing clarity, assertiveness, politeness, honesty, and descriptiveness, you will be in a better position to sell your ideas more effectively.

Sum it up!

To make a conclusion for the personal statement essay means to declare the final solution for the dilemma that was described throughout all the topic. In some cases you may need an additional paragraph to sum all the points up. Use a transition chapter in such a situation and use it to unite together the main body part and the conclusion.

Don’t be afraid to write too much words. You need to prove the thesis and create the lasting impression after reading you essay. Keep moving in improving the writing skills and rely on our help in any case!

Thanks for reading!